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Our Story

Erne is the pinnacle of pickleball training technology. We introduced Erne in April 2023, and it's already making waves in the pickleball community. With a powerful combination of customizable drills, smartphone controls, and dual power support, Erne is the ultimate game changer. Join the ranks of those taking their game to the next level!

Dave Tribbett

Founder, Partner, Chief Product Officer 

Dave is a 30-year entrepreneur who's left his mark in software development across diverse markets. In 2010, he ventured into microcontrollers, creating intelligent LED systems and 3D printers. Now, focused on Victory Sports Technologies, Dave brings you the ERNE Pickleball training machine—a response to the market's demand for an enhanced Pickleball experience. When not innovating, Dave, an avid Pickleball player in Pennsylvania and Florida, thinks like a 5.0 and plays like a 3.5. Married with four adult children, his dynamic life is reflected in both his creations and passion for the game. No dog or cat included.

Frank Pizzichillio

Partner, Director of Distribution

Originally from Fairview, NJ, Frank resides with his wife Julie in North Wales, Pennsylvania, where they raised three children. Over the past 25+ years, he held diverse business development and recruiting roles for Fortune 500 companies in the Financial Services industry. After their kids left for college, Julie presented Frank with a list of potential shared activities. Despite no interest in Iron Man competitions or line dancing, Frank chose Pickleball as the safest option, initially unaware of the sport. Now, addicted after five years, he plays as often as possible. Fun fact: when Frank apologizes for a net hit, he's not actually sorry.

Ryan Rabidou

Partner, Director of Brand and Marketing

Proudly based out of Stowe, VT; Ryan is an avid athlete, dad and fast food fan when his wife and kids aren’t around. With over 15 years in the sports marketing and business development world he is excited to put his expertise towards the pickleball industry. Openly admits to his pickleball addiction and takes great pride in converting other athletes into fellow pickleball enthusiasts.

Revolutionize Your Game

First thing I noticed with the Erne is the consistency at which the balls are shot. With other machines the balls would loose speed and accuracy, the Erne delivered the balls at the exact chosen speed and location time and time again.

— PPA TOUR Player

This is what the pickleball community has been waiting for! Finally a machine that is a true drilling partner.

— Pickleball Coach

Huge fan of all the bells and whistles that are included at the base model; remote, oscillator, battery and AC power options etc.

— PPA TOUR Player