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Shipping from the USA to Canada

We just started shipping to Canada over the last two (2) weeks and have learned some details we’d like to pass on to you.

  1. Shipping to Canada incurs costs that are not outlined on our site
  2. These costs include GST fees (Provincial taxes) as well as brokerage fees from the US Customs agency
  3. You will get a notice similar to the image below (Quebec) which outlines the taxes and the brokerage fees
  4. Once these additional fees and taxes are paid, US Customs will release the packages for delivery
  5. We have had several customers have ERNE shipped close to the border and then come to pick it up. We are happy to do that if that would work for you
  6. The tracking information we send will also include the details of this process, along with a link to a payment portal from UPS
  7. None of these fees come to Victory Sports Technologies, these are fees generated by and paid to our respective Governments
  8. Our shipping fees are about 60% less than UPS charges most customers because of our relationship with them

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call, eMail us, or fill out the form below at:




We apologize for the inconvenience this creates, but there isn’t much we can do for at the current moment. We are continuing to reach out to various entities to see if brokerage fees can be either reduced or eliminated completely!


Thank You!

Dave Tribbett

Founder, Victory Sports Technologies

Shipping from Inside Canada

We've partnered with a distributor in Canada to simplify the process. Click here to check if they have ERNE in stock!

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