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How many Pickleballs does ERNE hold ?

ERNE can easily hold 150 Pickleballs but you can realistically fit 175 balls if you don't mind 1 or 2 potentially falling out of the hopper as the agitator rotates to feed balls to the throwing wheels. You can see ERNE's specifications here.

Can ERNE use both indoor and outdoor balls?

Yes, ERNE can use any standard Pickleballs.

How many people can use ERNE at the same time?

At least two (2) simultaneously, depending on the drill being used and what is being worked on. ERNE only allows a single smartphone to be connected at a time so one person will need to be responsible for selecting drills and changing pa

What is the slowest and fastest ERNE can throw the balls ?

ERNE can throw balls as slow as 10mph and as fast as 65mph. You can see ERNE's specifications here.

What is the slowest and fastest ERNE can feed balls ?

ERNE can feed balls as slow as 1 every 10 seconds and as fast as 1 ball a second. You can see ERNE's specifications here.

How long does a battery charge last?

The battery can last, depending on machine usage, up to 6 hours. We haven’t seen it last less than 3 hours driving it hard.

How long does it take to recharge ERNE?

Recharging the battery to 90% will take about 4 hours. For 100% recharge, it will take about 6 hours.

What comes with ERNE?

You get the ERNE Pickleball Training Machine, a 24v battery installed, a battery charger, a carousel agitator (to be installed). You'll also find unpacking instructions, do's and don'ts, warranty registration card, an ERNE sticker and a QR code link to both the Apple and Android smartphone apps. Find out more here

What is stealthy operation?

Stealthy operation means that it isn’t obvious what direction a ball will be thrown. Our machine moves an internal yoke to change direction or height of the throw. The yoke is difficult to see making the direction and height of the next throw “stealthy”.

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